EnSoul Pan Pickup: “No Output?!”

Sep. 6, 2018

You purchased your Ensoul Pan Pickup and were so excited when it arrived.

You opened the box, unwrapped it and immediately took it to your Pan to play.

The EnSoul Pan Pickup has a magnet on one end and a ¼” female jack on the other end.   Seems too simple, right?  So, you PLACE the magnet on your Pan and PLUG into the jack and… and… NOTHING!??

You check to see if the magnet is good and stuck, maybe you move it to another location on the Pan… and … nothing!    You check the plug… and nothing.   At this point you think, “Maybe there was some other part in the box.” You look through the packing material.  No extra parts, but there is an instruction sheet:

The EnSoul Pan Pickup is specifically designed to amplify any steel or pan drum and produce pure, non-distorted tones!
It magnetically attaches to the outside of your drum and is passively powered, with a ¼” female jack. Perfect for performances, adding digital effects, and recording. Padded carrying case included to ensure your EnSoul Pan Pickup arrives at the next gig or practice safely. Simply place, plug, and play!
PLACE: For the best sound, center the EnSoul Pan Pickup on the underside of your drum. Attach ¼” jack to your drum stand: permanently with included adhesive pad, or temporarily with the included rubber band.
PLUG: Plug directly line-in to nearly any amp, FX pedal, mixing board, or audio interface.
PLAY: EQ with ease and crank up the volume!


Did you find the reason you are not getting sound?  You’re not the first to over look that the EnSoul Pan Pickup is a PASSIVE pickup.  It works only when the audio interface plugged into the pickup has its own electric supply.  

 Now you know, so, Place, Plug and Play!

Thanks for reading ~ Kim M. Ph.D.

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