Harps - How to Replace Strings

Sep. 6, 2018

Replacing Harp Strings
Thread a new string through the soundboard. Tie a knot in the bottom of the string.
 Knot: Make two loops. Insert the small loop into the big loop. Tighten the outside loop snug around the small loop.
If the string is thin, before you tighten the loops, weave a short thick cut of string into the tow loops to act as a brace. For Thicker, or gut strings, weave the brace through only one loop.
Pull the string so the knot is tight against the inside of the soundboard.
Secure to the Tuning Pin: With your tuning key, turn the pin until the hole is straight up and down. Thread the string through the tuning pin. Pull on the string as you turn the tuning key clockwise, turn until tight. Push the string in the groove of the bridge pin. As you turn, be sure the string is winding, without overlapping, towards the harp. When the proper pitch is reached, trim the end of the string to about half an inch.
Replacing Harp Strings, guide

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