About Us


Founded by Alice and Steve Kundrat in 1973, Mid-East began as a living-room-based solution to Alice’s need to produce quality zills (finger cymbals) for her belly dance students. Although Mid-East has experienced vast expansion since its humble beginnings, we have always provided high-quality instruments at reasonable prices. As our product lines expanded, we recognized that Mid-East was no longer representative of our offerings. In 2017, we changed our name to EnSoul to better reflect our brands. Meaning “to endow or imbue with a soul”, EnSoul captures our desire to provide musicians with instruments as unique as they are — each with the potential to create beautiful sounds that resonate within the soul.


Our mission is to provide unique instruments to musicians with an emphasis on craftsmanship and commitment to quality. We pioneer new designs and develop revolutionary methods of manufacturing to improve availability and affordability.

  • Supply musicians with unique high quality instruments.
  • Maintain a consistent level of craftsmanship within our brands.
  • Create lifelong relationships with musicians and arts communities.
  • Exceed our customers’ expectations in everything we do.